My career began in ad agencies like Hal Riney & Partners and Wolf Blumberg Krody. Since then, I’ve had my own business, worked for a few other companies, and been wonderfully distracted from my career path by raising two children.

I’m driven to communicate. I earned a BS in Journalism (advertising emphasis) from Kent State University and spent more than a decade in agencies. I chose the industry because it’s a fusion of practicality and art. I love copywriting, but it works best when the goals are defined through strategic analysis. I spent most of my time in account management, writing plans and explaining strategies.

Eventually, my creative side won out, and I started a business making art in people’s homes. Of course, it had to be practical and functional and turn a profit, so I painted decorative finishes and murals. Along came two children and chaos. I became a single parent, embraced the chaos, and combined parenting and work and art. I even returned to university to study painting and ended up with a BFA in art history. I wasn’t interested in teaching, but I was thrilled with the possibilities of digital spaces, where the rules aren’t set, at least not for long, and creatives don’t stick to a single lane.

Now I focus on communication combined with creativity. Words need to work for you in whatever space they exist. I’m flexible and organized, imaginative and analytical. I help your story take the audience on a journey without getting lost along the way.