Client: Salesforce

Agency: Creatives on Call

I write for Salesforce through their agency Creatives on Call. Salesforce is one of the world’s largest technology companies and a top CRM system. I’ve worked on internal communications for teams like global sales, employee development and success, and product accessibility and inclusive design. Public-facing work has included writing for Trailhead at Salesforce, following their tone and guidelines, and working with their editorial team.

Trailhead is Salesforce’s online learning platform. It’s a gamified program where users can earn badges and rankings while building knowledge of Salesforce products, industries, and digital and soft skills. Trailhead is free to the public, promoting growth and development in a robust ecosystem of users, developers, and partners.

I’ve also written for MyTrailhead, providing similar learning options but only for employees and Salesforce partners.

Since 2021, produced 39 maintenance certification modules